Ingraining The Bookworms Through Kenduri Literasi 2016


Kenduri Literasi 2016

15 minutes reading movement at SMAN 1 Glenmore leads students to ingrain they reading habit. 6 days a week they have the positive habit through program so called “KANCAKU”. KANCAKU is stand for Gerakan Baca Buku (Book reading activities). The program design to enable students read and understand books they read. It also provide students with Al Quran an Hadits recitation every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The students have to read book for 15 minutes in Tuesday and Thursday. On every saturday, the students will listen to an inspirational stories from around the globe. To celebrate the program, the committee launch a program called KENDURI LITERASI 2016.The program is designed to encourage students to read more books and to create more writing product such as article, short story, short film etc.



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