APrproach in Language Teaching

Hi fellow teacher, do u still recognize any approach use in langauge teaching, here are some of them. They can remind us after along forgotten, happy reading!

Eight Approaches to Language Teaching

Don Snow, Amity Foundation, Overseas Coordination Office
Where there was once consensus on the “right” way to teach foreign languages, many teachers now share the belief that a single right way does not exist. It is certainly true that no comparative study has consistently demonstrated the superiority of one method over another for all teachers, all students and all settings.
Presented here is a summary of eight language teaching methods in practice today: the Grammar-Translation Method, the Direct Method, the Audio-Lingual Method, the Silent Way, Suggestopedia, Community Language Learning, the Total Physical Response Method, and the Communicative Approach. Of course, what is described here is only an abstraction. How a method is manifest in the classroom will depend heavily on the individual teacher’s interpretation of its principles.
Some teachers prefer to practice one of the methods to the exclusion of others. Other teachers prefer to pick and choose in a principled way among the methodological options that exist, creating their own unique blend. Lanjutkan membaca “APrproach in Language Teaching”


Rubrik penilaian Peserta Didik

Rubrik Penilaian Peserta Didik 2013

Rubrik Penilaian Peserta Didik, Kurikulum 2013:
1. Pedoman Observasi:
1.1. Sikap Spiritual;
1.2. Sikap Jujur;
1.3. Sikap Disiplin;
1.4. Sikap Tanggungjawab;
1.5. Sikap Toleransi;
1.6. Sikap Gotong Royong;
1.7. Sikap Santun;
1.8. Sikap Percaya Diri.
2. Pedoman Penilaian Diri:
2.1. Sikap Spiritual;
2.2. Sikap Jujur;
2.3. Sikap Disiplin;
2.4. Sikap Tanggungjawab;
2.5. Sikap Toleransi;
2.6. Sikap Gotong Royong;
2.7. Sikap Santun;
2.8. Sikap Percaya Diri.
3. Pedoman Penilaian Antarpeserta Didik:
3.1. Sikap Disiplin;
3.2. Sikap Jujur.
4. Pedoman Jurnal:
4.1. Jurnal Model Pertama;
4.2. Jurnal Model Kedua.