Daily 5 Update…Lots of Pics!

Hi again friends….

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and update you on our Daily 5 journey. Things are going smashingly well during Daily 5!! I am sooooooo happy! We have already hit our 20 minutes of Read to Self stamina…Can I get a WOOT WOOT!

I wanted to show you the posters that we make as I introduce a new Daily 5 choice. I found these AWESOME freebies from Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station on TPT and I blew them up to poster size (24 x 36) and had them printed up by Vistaprint…expensive….a bit…But I laminated them so I am good to go for years to come! Lanjutkan membaca “Daily 5 Update…Lots of Pics!”


Grammar activities: Chain story

Grammar activities: Chain story

By Olga Stolbova

Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: Extra


This activity can be used for practising conditionals, though its different variations can serve for reviewing the vocabulary as well. It helps students to link sentences in one text.

I usually use this activity with intermediate students, though it may work with lower-level students. Students enjoy it as it usually results in some funny story which tunes them in a good mood for the rest of the lesson.


Put on the board the pattern “If we have free time, we’ll go to the party” and explain that the students are going to make a story one by one using this pattern. The catch is that every student needs to use the second part of the phrase said by a previous student as the first part of his/hers.

Student 1 If we have free time, we’ll go to the party.
Student 2 If we go to the party, we’ll have fun.
Student 3 If we have fun, we’ll come home late.
Student 4 If we come home late, we’ll miss our test tomorrow. etc.

Variation 2

For revising the vocabulary make cards with vocabulary words you need to revise, one word or expression on each card.
Put the cards face down on the desk in the center. A student who starts, draws the first card and says the first sentence, the next student draws the card and says the second sentence etc.
Students are telling a story, using only one sentence each with one word at a time, trying to make a story go smooth. (You may ask them to use a certain pattern, or may let it go free).


If a class is big, divide it into two teams and make them create their stories simultaneously, taking turns. It will be more fun if both teams have the same beginning.

Variation 3

Instead of (or in addition to) distributing cards with vocabulary items on them, give students the cards with different conjunctions and linking words: and, as soon as, while, but, although, though, however, etc. The students need to tell a story by adding their sentence with the help of the conjunction written on the card. In this activity they are allowed to change the grammar structure of the previous sentence.

Main Chain Story yuk?

Main Chain Story yuk? Ajakku pada siswa pagi ini. Tanpa respon, mereka saling memandang dan menggelengkan kepala dengan teman sebangkunya. Selidik punya selidik para siswa ternyata gagal paham apa yang aku sampaikan. Nah Loh!!!!!. Secepat kilat saya jelaskan permainan yang akan kami laksanakan pagi itu. Setelah seluruh energi digerakkan untuk menerangkan chain story, alhamdulillah, akhirnya mereka memahaminya dengan lebih baik. Acarapun dilanjut dengan membagi mereka ke dalam kelompok-kelompok kecil. Setelah itung sana, itung sini disepakati untuk membuat kelompok berdasar baris kursi yang ditarik dari sisi kiri kelas.

The Chain Story Winner
The Chain Story Winner
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Cerdas Cermat Bersama Buah Hati

Selepas magrib, hari ini, saya dan kedua buah hati belajar bersama. Sudah menjadi kebiasaan bagi mereka berdua membaca apa saja selama 10-20 menit sebelum “belajar” materi tertentu. Kadangkala, saking asyik membacanya, mereka bisa molor beberapa menit. Tidak jarang mereka menyudahi membaca tepat dalam rentang waktu yang kami sepakati. Terutama jika bahan bacaannya bukan sesuatu yang mereka sukai. Kali ini, selepas kegiatan membaca, kami bersepakat main cerdas cermat Bahasa Inggris. Mereka berdua menuntutku untuk menguji kemampuan penguasaan kosakata. Dari hari-hari, hobi, buah sampai binatang. Lanjutkan membaca “”

Rolling Dice: Speaking Games for TEFL teachers 28

Rolling Dice: Speaking Games for TEFL teachers 28
15 Sep 2013 | Activities and Ideas

Tags:games · speaking · teachers · TEFL

All you need for these fun speaking games are some dice. I recommend you buy a few sets and carry them around with you all the time.

Dice are a great resource for TEFL teachers because they are portable and suitable for adults and kids

Speaking games for TEFL students

What I love about dice is that the options are endless, only limited by your imagination and creative ability. Let’s look at a few ways to use them. Lanjutkan membaca “Rolling Dice: Speaking Games for TEFL teachers 28”

Working in Groups – Rose Bard

Working in Groups – Rose Bard
Rose Bard
– October 11, 2013Posted in: Working with Groups

Rose Bard
On Working with Groups – Rose Bard

As a mom I can’t help but wonder why my daughter, a brilliant and happy child had to go through so much struggle in school. She was, until I applied some of the principles from Mediated-learning, always labeled as a lazy student. Now that she’s regained her confidence, and has been able to raise her test score especially in Math, she is quite a different student. Before that, she used to describe herself as dumb, because that was how others saw her. And she accepted the label. Lanjutkan membaca “Working in Groups – Rose Bard”