Ideas For Generating Ideas

Ideas For Generating Ideas

Many people actually do very little writing in day-t0-daya life,and a great deal of what they do write is quite short:brief notes to friends or colleagues,answer on question forms,diary entries,postcard,etc. The need for longer ,formal written works seems to have lessened over the years,and is reflected in many classroom where writing activities are perhaps less often found than those for other skills. There may still be good reasons why it is useful to include work on writing in a course (p.235):
1. Many students have specific needs that require them to work on writing skills;
2. At the most basic level,your our students are likely to be involved in taking down notes in lessons;
3. Writing involves a different kind of mental process.
Scrievener promotes some ideas for generating ideas,they are:
1. Brainstorming. It can be done by writing the topic or circle in the middle of the board. Tell students to call out anything that comes to mind connected with the topic. Then, write up everything on the board. Don’t let student to discuss or comments (especially derogatory one) just ideas.
2. Text –Starts. A lot of real-life writing involves looking at other texts and summarizing, reporting, responding to them, selecting ideas for them, etc. It provides a lot of support for the writer.
3. Fast-Writing. For many writers, the single most difficult things is simply to start writing. The longer you fail to write, the harder that first sentence becomes. Here are some hints to “start” writing:
a. Start writing about the topics;
b. Not stop writing;
c. Not put their pen down at all;
d. Write ‘um,um,um or ‘rubbish’ or something else if they can’t think of what to write;
e. Not stop to go back and read what they have written;
f. Keep writing till wesay “stop’ (which will be after five/eight/ten minutes or however long we think is appropriate for our group.(by Heriyanto Nurcahyo)


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