Forbidden Education: Educacion Prohibida

Forbidden Education: Educacion Prohibida

A group of men were in a cave, prisoners since birth.
Chained in such manner that they could only see the back of the cave.
A bonfire and figures manipulated by other man projected all kinds of shadows on the wall.
These shadows were the only connection the prisonners had with the outside world.
Those shadows were their world, their reality.
One of prisonners was released anda allowed to see the whole of reality outside the cave.
How long would it be take him to get used to the outside world after a life time of confinement.
His reaction might possibly be a deep fear of reality would he understand what a tree, the sea, the sun were?
Let’s us assume this man does noy see reality as it is and that he understands what a great fraud the cave was.
The teacher briefly explained the intepretation of this myth with respect to knowledge…delusion, reality, and that perhaps we might be inside a huge cave, which is it self in side another one.
But, there is no doubt that this freed man tell agreed need to return and share what he had seen with others.


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