Inculcating Creativity

Morning has broken. Light wind blew through my windows’ rift.It was 7 am in a cold winter morning.Black crows started morning song a while ago.But, the sky still covered by soupy cloud.Eyes was sleeping along with the dream.
I knew that my school visit was waiting out there.A driver was standing right side of a white taxi.Starring the balcony. Wondering …… was anyone he looking for there?.
In Hastily step, i headed to the taxi.”Summimasen,” was the only word i can say to the driver. He cracked a smile, opened the door and let me in.The taxi drove me to an elementary School. It is the most prestigious elementary school in the city.I have visited it for 3 times.It was amazing for me to be able to gather and teach in the school.
okAs it will be my last visit. I decided to enjoy and get experience as much as i can. I do really enjoy every single moment on this school. Watching student swing his rope up and down their body. Or moving the both eyes of mine along with the handy ball flew away over the yard.
Jason and Maeda Sensei let me into the class. A group of students were waiting . A long table with 4 chairs placed in the middle of the room. Facing student directly. I saw many Ipads laying on the floor. Some students were busy with their white paper. Some were muttering, just like witch doctor spells some mantra’s.
Suddenly, A picture on the monitor screen charmed me a lot. It was a handphone. A girl headed to me and asked a simple question. “Who was invented telephone?.“My goodness, it was such a pretty easy question to answer by me.“Of course,Graham Bell“.“Good answer, she replied.“. I was wondering, what was she going to do then.Was she going to explain how the telephone works or promote a new Iphone 5?.No…No, she did not even explain about telephone itself nor promote iphone 5.While i was taking a deep breath, she displayed another strange picture:Allien.She spoke calmly “ I will invent a telephone”. “What????,i was surprise. “Yes, i will invent a telephone, a very smart one. It will be able to call Allien!!! .Wouw,,Bingo,It is imagination!!!!It is a big dream!!! Do it kid!!!!.

Imagination and dream are two cases we never really inculcate in our school.It is a truism that discovery of universe and invention driven by such imagination and dream. Why dont we start inculcating our ss dream and imagination right away. Let’s drive them to sky and fly to penetrate soupy cloud.

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called “truth.” ~Dan Rather


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