Approaches To Speaking

Approaches To Speaking
Task.9.4 Activities that lead to fluency and confidence

Based on my experience, the productive skill is a skill that less tought at school than another skill (receptive skill).It is driven by many factors, such as less confidence and fluency. Fluency and confidence are important goals when considering speaking lessons. There is no point knowing a lot about language if you can’t use it. Scrivener gives us some activities that lead to fluency and confidence. It also enables to speak more confident with less hesitation (page.214).The activities are:
1. Learner repeat sentence you say.
2. At the start of the lesson, learners chat with you about their weekend plans.
3. Learner look at a list of hints and tips for making business presentations.
4. Learners listen to a recording and practice repeating words with the same difficult vowel sound.
5. Learners works in pairs and agree their list of the best five films of all the time.
6. Learners listen to and study recording of social conversation
7. Learners prepare a monoloque about their hobbies and then give a five-minute speech to whole class.
8. Learners learn by heart a list of useful chunks of language they can use in conversations.
To run a good discussion, Scrivener then gives us a few keys to getting a good discussion going.The keys are:
• Frame the discussion well
• Preparation time
• Don’t interrupt the flow
• Specific problems are more productive than general issues
• Role cards
• Buzz groups
• Break the rules


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